Thursday, April 26, 2012

Banquette Dreaming

Hello all! Today was a pretty productive day for me; I finished creating the invitation for Jameson's party (we are printing these up this weekend, along with a little "project" for my boy to do) Hopefully I will have pics up next week! I also made a little headway on a "CraftLand" project we are undertaking over here. That's a fancy way of saying I own a TON of crafting/party/design/art stuff that needs a home :)

Which brings me to a little segment I haven't done in awhile:

Yesterday I promised a peek at a great find I stumbled upon. I had gone to the thrift store in search of storage solution for the new CraftLand, but came home with a little more instead. Don't you love when that happens :)

Last time I showed you a picture of a table we found here. It's currently a pretty ugly table, but I have big plans for it. 

Because of the small kitchen area we have we downsized to this smaller table, and since we did, I have been dreaming of a banquette. A beautiful, casual, comfortable  place to enjoy our anything but relaxing/calm meals.

Like these:

Although I would LOVE a fully upholster type, it's just not realistic with our crew. So, of course, I thought about having Jason built something. Great in theory, although I don't know if it would ever pan out. Plus, we have an air vent on the floor right where it would go, so I wouldn't want to cover that up....

Que, this little gem.
You might want to squint/tilt your head, because it's a bit on the ugly side ( at least it matches the table right now. Ha!). But it's got nothing but potention written all over it.

It was sold as a coffee table. But at FIVE feet long, it's the perfect base for my soon-to-be custum banquette. By placing a deep cushion on top, it will make it the perfect height (it's a little low right now)

I adore the details of the legs and bar. A little paint and this baby is going to be amazing. Now I just need to learn how to sew cushions :)

The best part? Only $14! Um, sold.

I promise, one of these days (if it ever warms up again) I will actually show you an "after" picture.

Hope everyone is having a great day!



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