Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pinterest to Done! vase with magnetic numbers


We are FINALLY moved into our new house! (insert happy dance) And by moved in, I mean we are living here, furniture still taped up and surrounded by boxes. But we are here :)

As you can imagine, it has been a crazy week. Amidst all the moving (and packing, and party planning, and painting our entire house back to boring beige....) we had to transfer the big man into a new kindergarten class at a new school.

There were lots of tears (alright, they were all mine!), because we LOVED his last school (I mean, seriously, every student gets their own ipad and itouch to use!) and LOVED his teacher. Not to mention, I was room parent and in charge of an art program they did, so I was kind of a big deal LOL.
In the weeks leading up to his last day I kept thinking about how I really wanted to do something special for his teacher as a thank you. But what do you know, there I was, the day before his LAST day, standing in our new place literally HOURS after we moved all our stuff in thinking, "sh!t I didn't do anything for his teacher!!" :::sigh:::

Thank goodness for Pinterest, right? Awhile ago I had pinned this image:

found on my Pinterest Board

I had pinned it originally as an idea for a gift for our teacher at the end of the year party (in case you were wondering I was planning an amazing Chicka Chicka Boom Boom party :).... Wouldn't this be adorable for that kind of party??)

I knew I could totally copy it for only a few bucks, so off I went (in the snow no less!) to the dollar store. I am so excited to show you my results in the first of what I can only assume will be a gazillion entries in my series

I started by purchasing a simple cylinder shaped vase that would fit inside a larger cylinder vase I already had purchased from Goodwill for another project. (I think maybe it held candy at a party or something). My original concept was going to be to use all ABC magnets with a cute note that said something like "thanks for teaching me my ABC's" , but our store only had numerical magnets. Normally, (since I am obsessed with detail) I would have gone to a different store, but since it was the night before,  I just decided change my game plan. I did the numbers and made a card that said something about being happy to spend one hundred days together (100 days is something every K parent knows is a big stinking deal!).

I didn't take any pictures of the process because, honestly, I shlept it together half an hour before I had to walk out the door :)  But you put the smaller vase into the bigger. The space between you fill with the magnets and the smaller you fill with flowers. You can kind of see here:

For this size vase I used four packages of magnets. That is also because I used the dollar store cheap kind so they are a lot thinner than the nicer fat ones :) That said, as a tip I would make sure to have enough room between the two vases to fit the magnets. Mine were kind of a tight squeeze.

I got mixed flowers specifically to bring out the colors in the magnets.

I LOVE the fact that his teacher can take this apart and reuse the numbers. Plus, it just looks adorable and school-like.

And I think she really enjoyed it as well :)

So, in another Pinterest Saves the Day note, I guess you can consider this project D.O.N.E :)

I hope you are all inspired to try out a pinterest project as well!!

Also, if you would like to visit (or follow!) any of my pinterest boards, just go HERE to get some sneak peeks of projects I will surely be working on soon!


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