Sunday, March 11, 2012

Care Bear Goodwill Take!

Care Bear madness went down this weekend.
And we survived :)
I am so excited to finally be able to relax and actually unpack our house (ha! what a concept, right?)
Not to mention how super-de-duper excited I am to share with you all the details.
Because it was AMAZING. In that everything-is-girly-and-full-of-rainbows kinda way.
As things are finally settling down here, and I am getting all the photos ready to show you and debut my new addition to my Etsy store, I will leave you with this quick pic of some goodies I happened to come across at our Goodwill store:

Although I think I might make a thank you card to go with the invitations that I made for my Etsy line, I just couldn't resist gobbling up these cards that I found for only 49cents (!). White crepe paper for the same price that I used as accents for our "cloud" theme and two adorable frames that were Target clearance items at one point for $1 each. (these babies were originally 9.99 each!) I used them to frame some signs that I created for our gift table and ice cream bar.

I also found (not pictured), a larger ornate frame that I painted white and a small Care Bear dog that I happened to spy from the opposite side of the store. All in all, it was quite the score :)

Over the next week or so I am going to share with you all the details of everything that went into making this party.

But for today, I leave you with this sneak peak:

Judging by all the candy and paint on here shirt, I would say,  a pretty happy birthday girl :)

'Till tomorrow.....


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