Thursday, March 29, 2012

Global Easter via Etsy

As well as unpacking what I am sure was our 10,000th box this week, I also unpacked some of our Easter decorations. Which, may I say, is sorely lacking...nothing a little shopping couldn't cure, I am sure :)  That said, however, Jason now has me on a strict budget every time I leave to go down the road to HomeGoods (our new house is now suuuuper close to a HomeGoods store, and I miiight have gone a little over board since moving in. What can I say? Pillows make me happy.)

I have way too much going on this year with unpacking and party planning to even THINK about a DIY project. So, for now it is strictly dreaming :)

Since I am obsessed with all the beautiful colors of this season (think, aquas and tangerines), I thought it might be fun to to do a sort of  "global" theme. Throw in a bright ikat pillow or two, and I would be in heaven :)

Here is a little eye candy I found on Etsy:

Fabulous, right?
Do you decorate for Easter or Spring in bright colors or pastels? I think my eye is always drawn to the brighter colors.

Hope you have an inspired day!


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