Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dropping By

Hello :)

Things have been super busy over here (as always!). I am in the middle of 16548 DIY projects (and yet, finished with none. HA!).

Plus, I will be honest. I have been trying to figure out what kind of direction I want to take this blog. My initial desire was to focus on kid's design and parties, but I kept feeling this crafty part of me come forward. I do so many projects around our house that I want to share as well.
So, I have finally decided to keep it mostly about the kids, but to have an on-going series (name to be determined soon!) about our house. Also, my first goal is to tackle that "about me" section. ugh :) 

In the meantime, I recieved my new phone case yesterday, from a company BoutiqueMe.
I'm not going to lie; I did bookmark the website for Jason, as a....hint :) But he got to choose the design. And he chose well :) Two of my favorite things! Aqua and Chevron:

You see, I am  (this is only an estimate) the only person left in the world without an iphone.
Insert sad song.
Although my network finally carries it, there is not yet a need to give up my perfectly functioning EVO. Except for the fact that noone makes cool cases for my phone.
Until now! I have finally found a few sites that carry cases that are not bedazzled.
A happy girl.

I have a few fun posts planned this week. It's spring break up here, so I am home with all
 kids, so please bear with me :) Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!


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