Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Robot Inspired Vases

I am beginning to feel like all I talk about are robots :)

That is how it is at our house. Whatever party we have coming up seems to be the latest obsession.
Case in point: I woke up to our oldest son chasing our daughter with a diaper box on his head, claiming he was a robot. Is it bad that even though I was only half awake, I still thought to myself, "if we put some slinkies over his arms, that could actually be a cute diy costume" ?? Hmmm.

I digress.

My current obsession, to go with all things robot, has been slinkies. I mean, really, how fun are these things?

Valentine's Day and flowers pretty much go hand in hand, so I began thinking of ways to make a vase out of slinkies. And then I just stuck one into a vase I already had from the dollar store, and there you go: perfection. :)

I love how it's a subtle decoration, but really adds that clean, modern look that I tend to strive for.


Sometimes it's really the smallest details that make you the happiest, isn't it?


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