Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sneak Peak of our Mario Party

Well, our Mario party went off this weekend without a hitch. The sun was shining the whole time (which was wonderful for a day calling for rain!) and we survived our sleepover with a bunch of 7-year old boys!! 
I have been super busy working on a new party for a client, (and recovering from a weekend full of mayhem, ha!) so I have barely had time to even look at the pictures from the party, but I promise, once I do you will be the first to see :)

If you follow me on Instagram (@Nestling_Designs) then you have seen the sneak peeks I have been throwing out there the past couple of weeks. Here they are now:

I got my spray-paint on and turned PVC pipes into some gorgeous green Mario pipes:

One of my favorite things from the party : Yoshi tongues!!:

Painted 140 yoshi eggs. Maddening, but worth it in the end ;)

Enjoyed all the happy mail that came in. Like these:

I am in love with how our food tents came out. It was my first time doing a vertical version, and I am hoping to set the trend to do some more :)

Showing that our love of Fat Tire has finally come in handy LOL:

Getting our goody bag-stuffing on:

Making magic at 6am for the birthday boy and his friends:

So. Many. Mustaches:

I can not wait to show off all the details soon!


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