Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Free Printables :: Valentine Juice Wrappers & Bag Toppers

This weekend I tried to spend some time coming up with cute ways to wrap the juice boxes for both boy's parties. Creating labels and just printing and taping was really just the easiest way :)

I printed out three different options. Then, I also cut one of them down to a smaller strip and used it with a doily for a new look: 

All three options can be downloaded for free HERE.

The other thing we did was come up with a cute little way to make candy bracelets. I did this as a fun project with our daughter while the boys spent the day at the monster truck show ;)

I wrapped the finished bracelets around a piece of cardstock that I cut two slits into:

Next, I placed them in a plastic Ziploc bag and placed a bag topper on top: 

I also tried printing it on kraft paper: 

The back has a place to sign:

...But of course, it all comes down to the taste test ;)

The bag toppers can be downloaded HERE.

Can you believe Valentine's Day is just around the corner?! I'll be back tomorrow to share a sweet vignette I  made in our entrance :)

Happy Tuesday!


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