Friday, December 7, 2012

Leftover Party Supplies GAME

I wanted to share with you a quick game we sometimes play with some of the leftover supplies we have after each party, because using them for their purpose would just be too much fun, right??
I taped popsical sticks {which we just about always have on hand for the kid's crafts} to a few of the paper plates we had leftover to create some "paddles". The balloon is the "ball" that kids get to hit back and forth to each other. We usually use balloons without helium in them, but by this point all our balloons that were filled were already flying pretty low, so they worked just fine :)

It's really a great little activity to do when you're stuck inside!
Also, to send you off this weekend, I wanted to share with you some of the photos that I took for Braden's birthday. All the guests commented on them and I wanted to share the idea for those who are throwing their own, who doesn't love to show off their kids, right??

Happy Friday!

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