Monday, October 22, 2012

Spooky Bar & A Freebie Print

Hello friends!
One of the few Halloween decorations that have stood the test of time for us, are the labels I printed up years ago. We use them to make a mock bar set up every year. We've been using them for so long, I couldn't even tell you where I found them :)
Some jars we bought just for this purpose (like the one holding the worms), and we take them out year after year.

Often, we just place the labels on whatever jars we already have out.

The swamp fog is my favorite. I filled it will some cheap spiderwebs to give it that wispy look inside.

We always have one large jar filled with candy corn to serve as our "Vampire Fangs".  This year, I fell in love with the new colors that came is the perfect vampire fang color, right?!

{as you can tell we've been making a pretty good dent in the stash so far this year, ha!}
In fact, I found the new color so awesome, it made me think of how adorable it would be as a party favor. So, I made some bag toppers and got to work.

And guess what? I'm adding it HERE for you to download and print for free!

Each page prints up a black/gray one and an orange/black one.
Just click here to grab one for yourself!
Happy Haunting!

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