Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Halloween Entry

We went on a fantastic little, last minute trip to St. Louis this weekend, and I am only just now getting back into our groove :)
Although we moved into a house this past year that is tremendously better than our last, the one thing I can say it is lacking, is a fireplace. All over the blogosphere I am seeing these amazing mantels...what's a girl to do? Decorate her entry table of course!
This year, simple has seem to be my motto, and I am excited to share with you how I decorated our entry using items we already owned!

The banner is something I just printed from my computer and cut out.

The skulls, moss, and rat are all from the dollar store (!).

I love how at the right angle in our mirror you can see the vinyl bats we have in our front window:


Happy Haunting!

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