Thursday, September 6, 2012

Family Room Project :: Inspiration

As I have mentioned before, we are well underway in our family room project. This past weekend we got the desks built, and I just.can.not.wait until everything is finished and I can start moving in all the pretty things that I bought for this space!
I have been DIYing my little heart out over here on tons of small {and big} projects. I cannot wait to share some of those fun things with you, but first I wanted to show some of the inspiration that I used as a starting off point in this project. {please note: if there is no source listed, then I wasn't able to find the original source from my pinterest board...if you know where the images are from, I will gladly add the sources!!}
Separate Kids Desk Areas
I LOVE the orange, and LOVE the separate work stations.
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I loved all the open space just to play  in with the built in desks.
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adorable :) I love the large typography work above the sofa. This style art was a serious contender for our space!
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BEANBAGS CHAIRS! I am obsessed with the idea of having them in fun fabrics.
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Love how the desk and shelf are one continuous piece.
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I am beyond obsessed with this eclectic mix of styles and colors and art work. Jason vetoed the look for our living room, so I am making it a must in the family room.
 I hope you gathered as much inspiration as I sure did from these amazing spaces!!

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