Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Styled! :: Reused Starbucks Glasses

Hello lovelies!

 Today I am going to share a {not so secret} tool that party planners use to create those adorable milk jugs and juice bottles for events.  

Ever since a little beauty called Pinterest has entered my life, things have never been the same :)

I just followed the link above and used her step by step directions to get those gorgeous glasses sparkling.

Once you have you clean glass, the possibilities are endless!
For the jungle themed shower I just styled, I knew that I wanted to use burlap to create a more organic feel. For this party I created water bottle labels and printed off a few extra to use for the juice bottles as well. I love the idea of using them for something other than their intended use.

I cut the burlap into ovals, placed on our glass, and wrapped our water label around, securing the back with tape. Straws and flags completed the look!

For a softer look, you could wrap scraps of fabric around you bottle with a little bit of twine or ribbon, like I did here:

There are so many adorable ideas out there, like this one I did for our annual Christmas Eve cookie decorating party {found on Pinterest, of course!}:

Or these adorable swamp juices, an idea I am definitely doing this Halloween:

(isn't the color combo just perfect for a monster truck party??)

Spray paint the tops {maybe even with chalk paint???} and glue printouts on them like this blogger did:

Or just add on a little twine or ribbon for a simple and beautiful look:

Have any of you used the glasses for your event? What did you think?

I am hooked! Plus the fact that you can save and reuse them again is a big deal to me. Not to mention it's a good excuse to buy all those frappuccinos ;)



  1. I love love love this! I saw this originally on I heart Nap time and was ecstatic! I just bought a bunch of bottles and can't wait to make endless cute designs!!

    1. I have a small obsession with these and mason jars! Can't get enought of 'em ;)