Monday, June 18, 2012

Styled! :: a new series

Happy Monday, everyone!

Since I really want this blog to showcase the areas that intrigue me in my everyday life, such as parties and design, I am going to start doing this little segment, Styled! about twice a month.

Sometimes when you start looking at amazing parties others have thrown, it's easy to get overwhelmed and think "I could never do something that awesome". But when you start breaking them down, it's really just a bunch of very simple ideas done differently and beautifully. One of the easiest (and in my opinion, one of the most important) things to do to accomplish this is to begin thinking of how you style your food/treats. This means how they look, how they are displayed, and how they are housed. So twice a week I am going to show you amazing ideas I find around the web, some (hopefully amazing as well) treats that we create here, as well as some tips and tutorials on how to create some of the things you see at parties.

Are you excited yet???

I am! Because, really, when you take something SIMPLE, like offering caramel popcorn at a party, and ditch the typical bowl and choose to instead pass out your treat in comic book cones, like I did below for a party, don't they just make everything more fun??

Or sometimes, it's just the idea of taking an ordinary dessert and turning it into something really special, like jello with lemon strips.....

.....or turning your everyday rice krispy treats into rainbow wands.

Turn an ice cream bar into something memorable by serving your treat in something unexpected, like mason jars....

Or serve an ordinary drink with a fun straw and toy!

All simple ideas, just styled differently!!

I can't wait to share more with you guys!

Thanks for reading :)




  1. how did u make your comic cones ?

    1. I actually just used real comic book pages, lined one side with clear contact paper (for the inside to protect it from grease) and rolled it. I secured it closed with tape.