Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Simple Birthday Parties & Gift Wrapping

Although I love a good party {clearly, since I started a whole blog to showcase that love!}, but it's always good to sit back and enjoy a nice, simple party once in a while.

Where all you need is a good location.....

.....Some lovely entertainment to keep the kids busy.....

....and some good company, of course :)

Everytime I am in the middle of party planning craziness, I always wonder if maybe I overdo it a bit. For us, and our family, parties have turned into a big deal. Jason and I have both agreed that we love doing this for them, because it's the one time a year that it's all about them {and only them}. The one time a year that they don't have to share all the attention.

In the end, a party is party, and we had a blast.

I did want to share a peek at the gift that we got for the birthday boy. To me, the packaging is practically as important as the content :)

For this present, everything I used was leftover from Jameson's party - fabric for wrapping paper, gift tag made from the steel contact paper I used on the backdrop, ribbon, and lolipop. The letters are just scrapbook stickers that I have a ton of.

Hope you are having an inspiring day! Tomorrow I am doing the banquette reveal for the House on the Left series. I can't wait to show you!


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  1. I loved the wrapping to this gift!