Sunday, February 5, 2012

diy Robot Wreath

I firmly believe that when you throw a party (especially for children), that decorating where your guests enter is just as important as the decorations for the party itself, because you want to set the tone the moment they arrive. So what better way to welcome our guests to a robot party, than a a custum wreath? Wreaths are such a versatile way to introduce your theme. We have wreaths for holidays, so why not parties?

I love LOVE the idea of using slinkies in our robot party. They remind me of springs, an object I am sure robots would be made out! Not to mention, they are CHEAP. So this wreath was inspired by that :)

First, I gathered up all my supplies:

 I made my wreath base out of foam that we have lying around. You could also buy one from the store. First, you will need to cut out the robot and hearts from the sheet of paper. Trace a circle the size of the wreath that you want onto the foam. I made mine about 12" wide & about 2" thick.

Next, glue the robot and hearts onto the foam. you could always use posterboard as well, but I think the foam is much sturdier. Using an exacto knife, cut out your objects, including the wreath.

I first attached the slinkies to each outher, and then to the foam using hot glue. I ended up using 3 slinkies for this wreath, because I didn't want it be too stretched out that it wouldn't look springy. I started by "corners" and then worked my way around. After, I attached my robot head onto the back. I had an extra "antenna" leftover from the headband I used for a previous project, so I then attached that to my robot as well. You can always make one out of pipe cleaners and construction paper, too.

Finally, glue on any accessories, such as the digital hearts. I also used nuts and bolts I found at the dollar store. Wrap ribbon around top and tie into bow.

Over all, I am pleased with how it turned out. I think in hindsight, I would have made my wreath larger.

Click Here to upload a free pdf file of the robot and hearts, so you can make your own wreath! You could always eliminate the hearts and make it a more birthday-like wreath. Add a welcome sign or the child's age to really personalize it!


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  1. This is beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing!!! I will be using this for my classroom this year :-)